Promoting National Citizenship & Leadership Development Programs for Canadas Youth

Grant Program Overview

The Young Citizens Foundation is an out-reach organization part of whose mission is to encourage young Canadians to participate in citizenship and leadership development programs.  It does this  in two ways:

  1. Financial Assistance – The Foundation offers financial assistance to subsidize the registration fees for selected students from qualifying families of proven need so that those students can attend The Encounters With Canada Program.
  2. Scholarships and Bursaries – The Foundation offers scholarships and bursaries to accredited post-secondary institutions for selected participants who participate in qualifying national youth citizenship and leadership development programs who partner with the Foundation.


The Young Citizens Foundation believes that it is important that students who have had the experience of participating in a qualifying national citizenship program, to continue with their formal education so that they have a better opportunity to become leaders in their chosen fields in their communities, provincially, and nationally.  Such leadership will help ensure a stronger Canada in the future.

The Young Citizens Foundation – The Independent Ally

Please note that The Young Citizens Foundation is an independent public foundation that is not legally associated with the programs that it is helping to support.  We are not members of the societies that oversee these programs; are not members of their boards of directors; and, play no part in the formation of their operational policies.

What is our motivation? – The Young Citizens Foundation and its Board of Directors understand that Canada’s future depends upon developing Canada’s youth into knowledgeable and committed leaders who have a passion for the values that Canadian citizenship training develops.  It is in Canada’s interest if we encourage students to attend such programs.