Promoting National Citizenship & Leadership Development Programs for Canadas Youth

Scholarship Program

The Rationale

As mentioned, the Foundation offers scholarships and bursaries for accredited post-secondary institutions to selected participants who participate in qualifying national youth citizenship and leadership development programs who partner with us.  The Young Citizens Foundation believes that it is important that students who have had the experience of participating in a qualifying national citizenship program continue with their formal education so that they have a better opportunity to become leaders in their chosen fields in their communities, provincially, and nationally.  Such leadership will help ensure a stronger Canada in the future.’

Award recipients are encouraged to mention that they received  ‘The Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship Award’ in their curriculum vitae.  This will speak very highly of the character of the recipient.

The Amount

The scholarship amount ranges from $1,000 to  $5,000.


  1. Scholarship winners must have completed the attendance requirements in a qualified program.
  2. Each qualifying organization, in conjunction with The Young Citizens Foundation would develop the criteria for selection of the appropriate student.
  3. The organization would select the student based on that criteria.