Promoting National Citizenship & Leadership Development Programs for Canadas Youth

New Name and Expanded Mission

new-name-expanded-v2The Foundation has a new name, The Young Citizens Foundation, and an expanded mission. 

Canada’s future depends upon the development of strong leadership in our youth. The mission of the Young Citizens Foundation is to assist young Canadians to grow and mature as committed, knowledgeable and contributing Canadian citizens. The Foundation achieves this objective by encouraging young Canadians to participate in development programs operated by nationally recognized organizations that provide life-learning opportunities for our youth which will significantly influence and benefit their development as committed Canadian citizens.

This encouragement takes three forms.

  1. The Foundation will work with these organizations to help promote their programs.
  2. The provision of post-secondary scholarships to selected participants. It is important that these students, who have developed these positive attitudes, continue their education so that they can achieve positions of leadership in their communities, regionally and nationally.
  3. The provision of assistance grants to Encounters With Canada students from families of proven need so that they are given the opportunity to attend this nationally recognized citizenship development program.


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