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The Second Version

The Encounters With Canada Support Foundation

The Executive Committee of Bruce Kippen, Duane Daly and Gary Bennett met with Historica Foundation Board representatives in Ottawa to outline their intentions.  Subsequently, The Historica Foundation granted the Foundation the right to use the name ‘Encounters With Canada Support Foundation / Fondation de soutien à Rencontres du Canada’.  The Foundation was incorporated with Industry Canada on May 14, 2009.  It received its charitable tax number on August 24, 2009.  It held its first full board meeting on September 10, 2009 at which time it inducted Katia Sebastiani, Michael Cook, Brad White as new board members.

The Canadian Unity Council was winding down and it was apparent that the council would have some funds to disburse as required by law.  Mr. Bennett campaigned his 308 fellow CUC Governors to have the funds transferred into the Foundation.  In return, the Foundation would:

  1. set up a permanent endowment fund called The Canadian Unity Council Permanent Endowment Fund;
  2. use the income from the endowment fund was to enable the Foundation to operate and to support students, especially students from low income families, to attend the EWC program; and,
  3.  honor the legacy of the CUC on the Foundation website.

All of these commitments have been met and continue to be met today.



On October 1, 2010, the Canadian Unity Council officially ended its tenure of strengthening Canada by disbursing a portion of its funds to The Encounters with Canada Support Foundation, now The Young Citizens Foundation.  The legacy of the Canadian Unity Council will live on through the Foundation.  Pictured above, accepting a cheque from the Canadian Unity Council for $214,000, from left to right, are Duane Daly (Foundation Vice-President), Michel Desjardins (President of the Canadian Unity Council), Gary Bennett (Foundation President and Past CUC Director and Governor.), Linda Brunet (Director General of the Encounters With Canada Program), and Bruce Kippen (Foundation Vice-President and Past Founder and Honorary Governor of the CUC).

In 2010, the EWCSF supported the Encounters With Canada program of sending some of its alumni to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  The support included purchasing Olympic clothing and other Olympic items for each of the students attending.

In 2011, the Foundation again supported students attending the EWC program by subsidizing the registration fees of each of the students attending the Vimy: Canada Coming of Age them week.

In 2012, the Foundation continued with that support by subsidizing the registration fees of each of the students attending the two weeks of  Vimy: Canada Coming of Age theme week.

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