Promoting National Citizenship & Leadership Development Programs for Canadas Youth

Today – The Young Citizens Foundation

The Current Version – The Young Citizens Foundation.

In 2012, the Federal Government through Industry Canada required all not for profit charitable societies that were incorporated federally to go through a re-registration transition process to update their by-laws and statements of purpose to bring these organizations in line with the new federal legislation.

The Foundation completed that process and the EWCSF also took that opportunity to also change its name to ‘The Young Citizens Foundation – La fondation des jeunes citoyens’.  The name change was necessary because the name ‘The Encounters With Canada Support Foundation – Fondation de Soutien Rencontres du Canada’ was causing some confusion amongst donors and also with others wanting to communicate with the Foundation and with the EWC Program itself.

The Foundation also included in its new statement of purpose the ability it to give scholarships and bursaries.

In 2013, The Young Citizens Foundation offered a wide range of scholarships and financial support for students of low income families to Encounters With Canada to help the program in its recruitment initiatives along with subsidizing selected students attending the program.  Moreover, while continuing to honour the legacy of The Canadian Unity Council, it broadened its mandate to include supporting other nationally recognized organizations in the country that focus on citizenship and leadership development among Canada’s youth.