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The Canadian Unity Council Donates $214,000

codicilOn October 1, 2010, the Canadian Unity Council officially ended its tenure of strengthening Canada by disbursing a portion of its funds to The Encounters with Canada Support Foundation (now The Young Citizens Foundation.  The legacy of the Canadian Unity Council will live on through the Foundation.  Pictured above, accepting a cheque from the Canadian Unity Council for $214,000, from left to right, are Duane Daly (Foundation Secretary-Treasurer), Michel Desjardins (President of the Canadian Unity Council), Gary Bennett (Foundation President and Past CUC Director and Governor.), Linda Brunet (Director General of the Encounters With Canada Program), and Bruce Kippen (Foundation Vice-President and Past Founder and Honorary Governor of the CUC).

The Canadian Unity Council Lives on

The Encounters With Canada Program was initiated by the CUC in 1982 and became Canada’s largest and most successful youth forum.  The CUC was forced to sell the program in 2006.  The EWC program exposes all students attending to the wonderful geographical, historical, cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity of Canada while studying the common theme of the program for that week.  The whole experience leads all of the students to realize that in spite of the diversity of Canada, they have much more in common than just their theme of study.  By the end of the week, they all have a strong and positive appreciation of this country.  It has been and will continue to be a truly inspirational program for every student that attends.

In addition, you will see a historical tribute to The Canadian Unity Council on the Foundation website.  Please click on: 

The Canadian Unity Council Permanent Endowment Fund has been established within the Foundation to allow these CUC donated funds to grow and produce a sustainable revenue to support our ability to subsidize the registration fees of future young Canadians attending the Encounters With Canada Program.

A Supporting Opportunity

As a former CUC Governor and as President of The Young Citizens Foundation, I encourage you to financial support for the Foundation.  The donations that you designate for this purpose will be used to enhance the Canadian Unity Council Permanent Endowment Fund and to subsidize student registration fees for students attending at the present time.  This will be beneficial for lower income families want to send their teenagers to the Encounters With Canada Program.

Why should you  make The Young Citizens Foundation your ‘Charity of Choice’? 

There are four main reasons which make the Young Citizens Foundation a ‘standout’ amongst other Canadian charitable organizations.

1.   It has a very compelling mission; that is, to financially support citizenship development amongst Canada’s youth. Please see our Mission Statement. .

2.   The Foundation is managed by a competent and caring board of directors.

3.   Because of the generosity of Corporate Supporters, our volunteer Board of Directors, and our extremely efficient business design, we are able to maximize the amount of your donation that is targeted toward achieving our mission.   Very few can live up to that claim..

4.   We have an admirable operational ethic. It is based on Rotary’s Four Way Test.  The test asks the following questions: Of the things we think, say or do

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

We emulate this operational ethic and consider it to be a key component of managing our Foundation.  We value our Donors, keep our commitments to them and value their participation.  We want to build long term relationships.

What  are former Canadian Unity Council  leaders saying  about The Encounters With Canada Support Foundation (now The Young Citizens Foundation)?

Michele Desjardins – President of the Canadian Unity Council

” Twenty-eight years ago, The Council for Canadian Unity created Encounters with Canada in order to give an opportunity to Canadian Youth from Coast to Coast to Coast to enhance their understanding of our great country in a humane and challenging fashion.  With its relevant and well adapted programs and activities, a dynamic personnel and a pan-Canadian network of volunteers, it continues its superb work respecting the intent of its creator.  That is why the Canadian Unity Council is proud to give the Foundation its financial support through The Encounters with Canada Support Foundation”.

L. Yves Fortier, QC, ; Chairman and Senior Partner of Ogilvy Renault law firm; Officer and Companion of the Order of Canada; formerly Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations.  Director of the Historica Dominion Institute, and past CUC Governor.

“The EWCSF Foundation has a very noble mission. I support the Foundation which is in a class by itself in Canada.”

How Can You Donate? 

To see how you can support future young Canadians going to this terrific program, please click here.

Other Donation Options:

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