Promoting National Citizenship & Leadership Development Programs for Canadas Youth

Rotary Adventure in Citizenship

The mission of the Young Citizens Foundation is to assist young Canadians to grow and mature as committed, knowledgeable and contributing Canadian citizens. The Foundation achieves this objective by encouraging young Canadians to participate in development programs operated by nationally recognized organizations such as Rotary’s Adventure in Citizenship, that provide life-learning opportunities for our youth which will significantly influence and benefit their development as committed Canadian citizens.  Participation in these organizations develops leadership skills, exposes students to the various citizenship ideals that the country values and provides some very positive mentoring.

The provision of post-secondary scholarships will enable these students to continue their education so that they can achieve positions of leadership in their communities, regionally and nationally.  The Foundation also wants to provide an opportunity for those individuals, corporations and organizations that wish to assist the Foundation in this worthwhile endeavor to donate to a well-managed, cost-effective, non-profit charitable foundation.

The Young Citizens Foundation provide several deserving participants in the Adventure With Citizenship program a $1,000.00 scholarship for first year tuition.

The Event

  • An annual, unique opportunity for 200 young Canadians across the nation
  • Explore Canadian identity, shared values and the implications of the freedoms we enjoy as Canadians
  • Learn up-close about our democratic institutions
  • Appreciate the diversity of Canada
  • Understand both the privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship


The Participants

  • High school students between 16-18 years old
  • Sponsored by Canadian Rotary Clubs
  • Every province and territory is represented
  • Competitive process – the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program is recognized for the quality and the enthusiasm of the student participants


What the program typically looks like

Day 1

  • Welcome/introductions
  • Motivational speaker/Keynote
  • Panel of Canadian Citizens
  • Walking tour of a National Museum
  • French Canadian dinner & music

Day 2

  • Tour of Centre Block
  • Meet with the Speaker of the House of Commons
  • Tour Parliament
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission presentation
  • “Go and Vote” & Foreign Affairs Panel of Diplomats

Day 3

  • University of Ottawa presentations & discussions on civic responsibility
  • Rotaract “Canada Quiz” Game
  • Robert Forest Keynote
  • Aviation Museum/ Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Muchmusic Video Dance

Day 4

  • Special session of Citizenship Ceremony & reception
  • Question & Answer Period with the Governor
  • General at Rideau Hall
  • Farewell Luncheon with Rotarians and Host Families

The Billeting Experience

  • 100+ homes opened up annually for the Program
  • Host families learn about youth from across the country, leadership potential of young Canadians, and of Rotary’s efforts to advance this potential
  • Billeting relationships often extend post-Program
  • Warm hospitality = genuine gratitude

Dates for the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program

May 3 to May 6, 2015
To learn more about the amazing program visit the Rotary Club of Ottawa

Providing Financial Support for this Initiative

To provide support to this initiative you may mail your cheque to:

The Young Citizens Foundation,
Box 27007 Willow Park PO,
Kelowna, B. C., V1X 7L7

or for individuals who want to make a personal donation using their credit cards, click here to donate via